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The BBQ Shack believes outdoor cooking is a lifestyle and not a hobby so we have put together all things necessary to enter and maintain this lifestyle including help and support to use these amazing products.

Barbecuing is something that us Brits haven’t yet quite got into properly. The idea of a summers day, burgers and wings on the BBQ and a beer or two with friends and family is something we all love the idea of, we’re just not very good at it…..until now!

At The Barbecue Shack we have been grilling, baking, smoking (low & Slow) for quite a few years now and although we are not ready for Barbecue Pitmasters we do know a thing or two about getting the best from your barbecue. What we are trying to achieve at the Shack is to bring people a range of high quality, brand supported, affordable and easy to use products. If you are barbecuing already and want to progress then we can get you moving up to smoking low & slow and eating the best food you have ever tasted.

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