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Who Wants an Americano?

So with the introduction of The Coffee Shack to The Barbecue Shack business I thought I would run a quick demo on making an Americano on our Gaggia Classic demo machine.

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Steaks From a Topside of Beef

“What?” I hear you cry. “Why?” I also hear people crying. Why not I say. My Father-in-Law insists on buying meat from dubious sources and bringing it home for me to deal with, almost like a challenge!

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Fancy A Cuppa?

To be fair I would normally associate this phrase with asking if you would like a cup of tea, which is a drink that poor people and Northerners are forced to drink

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All Our Barbecues (for now)

I though I would do a quick video showing the 44 barbecues, smokers and pizza ovens that we currently have on display even though we have more due with us in the form of Blackstone Grills.

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